What Is Hiding Under Your Dirty Carpets and Floor?

Dirty carpets and floors are not attractive to have at your place of business. In fact, they might rank as one of the top things that turn buyers off when they are looking for commercial space. However, creating an unsightly appearance at your place of business that can turn off potential buyers, employees and customers isn't even the worst of the problem. Dirty carpets and floors can have a serious impact on your health.

Here what you should know about the hidden dangers that are hiding under your dirty carpets and floors:

Fungus and Mold

If your carpet is made from natural fibers, such as cotton or wool, then there is a huge potential for mold and fungus to develop. This doesn't only affect people who walk or sit on the floor, it also affects everyone who is exposed to the carpet because mold and fungi release airborne spores. Breathing in these spores can cause serious health problems, such as allergic reactions.

Pollen and Pests

If your floors or carpet are near open windows or doors, they can also collect pollen and insects. Pollen can cause allergic reactions as it collects on the floors or carpets. Additionally, insects, such as fleas and roaches, love to lay eggs in thick carpeting and can be a real nuisance to get rid of once they establish themselves.

Dirt and Food

Dirt and food can easily build up in places where your staff eats or high traffic areas of your commercial facility. Although, you may clean up regularly, food crumbs and dirt can build up in places that are hidden out of sight. Insects and mice love food crumbs. These dirty areas also facilitate the growth of bacteria.


Surface stains are fairly easy to get rid of. However, if the stain is allowed to sink in, it can wind up deeply embedded in your floors or carpets. If there has been an accident, such as a bodily fluid, food or chemical spill, there are likely still traces of it in the floor or carpet, even if you tried to clean it up.

Additionally, the chemicals from the substance that was spilled can continue to work on your floors and carpets, leading to permanent damage, including discoloration and warping. If you want to effectively remove stains and ensure that they aren’t still there underneath the carpeting or flooring, you should hire a professional cleaning service to address the problem. A good sign that there is still a problem is that there is an odor come from the spot where the spill occurred.

Whether you have a professional cleaning staff that cleans your business daily or not, you should still make sure to that you have your carpets and floors cleaned regularly. By keeping floors and carpets clean, you’ll never have to worry again about smells, germs and mold that could make people sick.

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