Green Cleaning vs. Regular Cleaning: Which Is the Best Option?

These days many companies are becoming more eco-friendly in their business practices. One way that companies can increase their commitments to protecting the environment is by opting for green cleaning services. However, green cleaning services are not equivalent to regular cleaning services and there are some distinct differences. Here are some things to consider before hiring a green cleaning service so that you can make the best choice for your business. 

Green Cleaning Products 

Green cleaning products are excellent for routine maintenance because they can reduce the harm that is being done to your health and the environment. Regular cleaning products can create problems because coming into contact with toxic cleaning products can cause health problems including skin irritation, nausea, respiratory problems and even blindness. If you are wondering if the risk is worth it, cleaning your office with toxic chemicals may not do more to clean services. In fact, you are likely to get similar results when you use eco-friendly solutions. 

Natural cleaning products are excellent for window cleaning, floors and other places where sanitization is not necessarily important. While natural cleaning products may require a bit more effort to get the same results in terms of visual cleanliness levels, they produce results that are good enough for you to consider them instead of regular cleaners. It is also important to keep in mind whether sanitization is really needed. Customized Cleaning Services can advise you on the best surfaces to use green cleaning products on. 

Regular Cleaning Products Are Needed to Disinfect 

When it comes to cleaning offices, there are specific places where bacteria and common allergens may collect. Bathrooms, door knobs, stair railings, and break rooms need disinfectants in order to be sufficiently cleaned. The locations are the places where common cold and rhinovirus germs are commonly found. As a result, we recommend using regular cleaning products for these areas in order to ensure that your office space won't spread disease.  

Regular cleaning products are also recommended for facilities that receive regular inspections from the Health Department. If your facility must be sanitized regularly in order to meet certain standards, they it is not recommended to only use green cleaning products. 

Our Focus on Green Cleaning 

With our professional cleaning services, we can ensure that your business is cleaned using the right products. We’ll make sure that the proper disinfectants are used when required. However, if less harmful solutions can be applied, we’ll clean your space using green products. We can help you to find the right balance of green cleaning and sanitation while keeping the environment in mind. 

If you would like hire a professional cleaning service to assist in cleaning your office, Customized Custodial Services can help. Call today us at (800) 834-1286 to request your free quote for janitorial cleaning services!