Software Trends in Building Management and Maintenance

As a building manager, you need performance-driven solutions to help your building run efficiently. Having software that can help to streamline and manage the full scope of your building management and maintenance concerns can make your work easier. Here are some of software trends in building management and maintenance so that you can find a solution that works for you. 

Keep Track of Agreements 

When building managers have to report their activities to the property owner or other departments, they need to be able to locate agreements and other documentation quickly. Building manager software that can provide quick access to key documents can keep dealings with outside contractors and vendors in an organized repository that is accessible at any time. 

Streamline Payments 

Late payments and non-payments can cause considerable problems for building managers as they can affect the cash flow for the property owner and cause issues between the building manager and property owner. Online payment solutions that are available via building management software can make handling payments and invoices easier. In addition, automated reminders can alert the building manager as to when payments need to be made so that payments are always made on time. 

Company Financials 

Many building management software programs also allow for the tracking of company financials. In addition to payments to outside vendors, these software programs can also keep track of insurance payments, bank fees and other internal costs that need to be managed. As a result, using building management software can monitor the financial health of a property and track every dollar as it is spent. 

Maintenance Request Tracking 

Maintenance requests need to be dealt with promptly in order to avoid issues with tenants and expensive repairs. When tenants submit maintenance requests, the building management software can create work orders that the building manager can respond to quickly. These software programs also allow for photos and document attachments to be included with the maintenance request so that the building manager will have a full picture of the concern that needs to be addressed just by viewing the maintenance request online. 

Tracking and Analytics 

The best part about building management software is that chronic problems can be documented. By tracking maintenance requests, payments and other concerns over time, the building manager will be able to identify large-scale problems that can help them to resolve these chronic issues.  

A comprehensive building management software is an essential tool for managing your building. Choosing the right building management and maintenance solution can help you to increase the efficiency and profitability of your property. Before you choose a solution, make sure that you do the research to find out if the solution will also meet your needs in terms of cost and ease of implementation.