10 Holiday Decoration Ideas for the Office

You spend a lot of time at the office. During the holidays, you might even find yourself working late. So why not put more effort into making your workplace a festive area to enjoy? Decorating your office during the holidays is a great way to bring the team together and lighten up the mood. Here are 10 holiday decoration ideas for your office. Check them out below! 

Santa's Workshop 

Making Santa's Workshop in your office is a great way to get the whole team involved. If you usually do an office gift grab, you can make things even more fun by posting pictures of elves and a image of Santa. Ask each worker to color their elf pictures. Then take pictures of your employees and print their images onto the elves' faces. Then they can be displayed on the wall of the office. You can put the office manager’s face as that of Santa to create the perfect Santa's Workshop display. 

Light It Up 

If you don't have a space in your office to do a full display, you can at least hang some lights. Holiday lights can really warm up the atmosphere in the office. There are also novelty Christmas lights that you can find to match your brand colors. 

Winter Wonderland 

Get a bunch of cotton, branches, and tinsel to create a winter wonderland in your office. You can even add trees to the winter wonderland by purchasing some small artificial Christmas trees. Finally, let your workers decorate some snowmen or buy plastic decoration ones from the store and your winter wonderland is ready to go! 

Candy Treats 

The holidays just aren't any fun without candy! If you want to create a fun display you can set up a gingerbread house and have jars of holiday candy around the office. If you don't want to offer sugary products, switch out the candy for dried fruits and nuts to create a similar display that is much healthier! 

Decorate Office Doors 

Who said that wreaths are only for the front door of your home? You can also create festive displays on the doors of each of the offices in your building. Using washable paint or markers, invite your employees to create their own designs. 

When it’s time to clean it all up or you are expecting some additional holiday foot traffic, consider hiring a cleaning service to keep your place of business looking great this holiday season. Regularly sanitizing your office not only keeps the clutter away, it also helps to keep the germs that spread winter colds to a minimum. 

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