Tips for Reducing Bacteria and Allergens in the Workplace


There are millions of Americans that suffer from allergies caused by indoor contaminants. These allergies can cause significant discomfort for people that enter your place of business and may even cause hospitalization in severe cases. The good news is that there are some steps that you can take to reduce allergens and bacteria at your business. Here are some tips for reducing bacteria and allergens in the workplace. 

Regular Carpet Cleaning 

Over time, dust mites, bacteria, pet dander and other allergens can build up in the carpet of your office. If you want to improve indoor air quality and reduce the severity of allergies for your workers and visitors to your business, you should invest in regular carpet cleaning. Proper carpet maintenance should include vacuuming, as often as daily in high traffic areas, spot cleaning and deep cleaning.  

Disinfect Floors 

When the floors of your business are cleaned, special care should be taken with bathroom floors and other areas that are at a high risk of contamination. If you want to stop the spread of germs and disease, you must make sure that these floors are disinfected with the proper cleaning solutions. 

Dust Frequently 

Dust particles can quickly collect on surfaces and fixtures. To decrease the amount of dust in your workplace, you should hire a cleaning service to dust all areas of your office. Wipe down window sills, furniture, cabinets and shelves. Office equipment may also attract dust and should also be cleaned frequently. 

Sanitize Food Areas 

In areas where food is served or prepared, such as a restaurant or breakroom, disinfecting this area can significant reduce the risk of spreading germs. Make sure that trash is removed promptly and surfaces should be regularly sanitized to eliminate germs. By disinfecting these areas, you can ensure that it is always safe to prepare or consume food in these areas. 

Disinfect Touch Points  

Touch points can include door knobs, light switches and other areas that are touched at your workplace on a daily basis. Despite these areas being frequently touched, it can be easy to forget that they also need to be cleaned on a regular basis. If you want to reduce the spread of germs, make sure that your cleaning service disinfects these touch points as a part of the regular maintenance schedule for your business. 

Reducing allergens and bacteria in your workplace can help to create a positive impression of your business. In addition, you will find that your workers are getting sick less often and are healthier at work. Removing bacteria and allergens at your business should be one of your highest priorities when it comes to establishing a cleaning and maintenance schedule for your business. 

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