5 Things You Should Know About Cleaning Office Carpets

Having clean carpets in your office can help to create a work environment that is clean, healthy and productive. By having your carpets maintained by a professional cleaning service, you can extend the life of your carpet and reduce the buildup of dirt, allergens and other problems. Here are five things that you should know about cleaning office carpets. 

  1. Choose the Right Vacuum Style  

The style of vacuum is important when it comes to cleaning carpets. If you want to make sure that your office carpet is thoroughly cleaned, it is important to use recently manufactured vacuums that are effective at removing foreign materials from the carpet. In addition, some style vacuums may not be effective at cleaning floors where there are obstacles, such as furniture and office equipment. As a result, the cleaning service should use a backpack vacuum on these areas rather than an upright vacuum.  

  1. Commercial Carpets Need Frequent Cleaning 

Commercial carpets should be vacuumed as much as possible. You may want to have the cleaning service vacuum each day and perform deep cleaning on a regular schedule. The foot traffic to your business can increase the amount of dust, allergens, hair, skin parts, and dust mites that build up in the carpet. The best way to remove these items is to vacuum the carpet as often as you can afford to. 

  1. Carpet Protection and Spot Cleaning Extend the Life of Office Carpets 

When unwanted stains occur, you should make sure that they receive the extra attention that they need. A professional carpet cleaning service can perform spot cleaning on your carpets to help get rid of stains quickly. A carpet protector should also be applied to help the carpet resist new stains and dirt, as well as, wear and tear. By making it harder for stains to infiltrate, your carpet will stay cleaner and last longer. 

  1. Deep Cleaning Should Be Done on Off-Hours 

If your carpets require deep cleaning, you should make sure that this task is performed during the off-hours for your business. Depending on the humidity level, temperature and airflow in indoor area, it can take up to 24 hours for a carpet to dry after deep cleaning. If you want to accelerate the drying time, considering turning on fans or the heating or air conditioning system to help the carpet dry. After the carpet has been cleaned, you should also make sure to avoid walking on damp areas because it is easy to slip and fall. 

  1. Carpet Deodorizers Keep Carpets Smelling Fresh 

When your carpets become soiled due to heavy foot traffic, they may begin to emit an odor. Carpet deodorizers are special encapsulating agents that can neutralize odors and improve the freshness of your carpets. A professional cleaning service will apply carpet deodorizer for your office carpets as needed to help keep your business smelling fresh. 

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