5 Things That Should Receive Regular Cleaning in the Office

Regular cleaning can ensure that your business is always a clean, healthy space for your employees and customers. At many businesses, regular cleaning is the only way to ensure that messes do not get out of hand. While your employees should help to keep your business clean during their daily activities, hire a professional cleaning service to handle the rest. Here are five things that should receive regular cleaning in the office. 

1. Floors 

The floors of your business should be cleaned regularly. Depending on the surface material for the floor, the cleaning service should probably sweep or vacuum the floor. Mopping should be done to remove any stains or spills that have accumulated on the floor. Floors should also be disinfected as necessary to prevent germs and bacteria from causing illness. 

2. Breakroom 

In the break room, tables should be wiped down and disinfected. Sweep or vacuum the floors to remove food particles. You should also make sure that trash that contains food is always taken out to prevent smells from building up. Replace breakroom supplies, such as handtowels and soap for the sink. If there is a refrigerator in your break room, old food should be removed regularly. 

3. Bathroom 

With each visit to your business, a professional cleaning service should perform maintenance for the bathroom by sanitizing all surface areas. The toilets and urinals should also be cleaned and disinfected. In addition, the supplies should be refilled as needed so that there are always hand towels, soap, toilet tissue and other bathroom supplies available for guests.  

4. Trash 

On every cleaning, empty the wastebaskets and trash cans. If there is food waste or other organic waste at your business, consider also washing the bins so that bacteria buildup is reduced. By taking out the trash each time, you can ensure that patrons do not start to litter because there are no empty trash bins. You can also prevent the smell of rotting trash that can occur if you do not take out this waste on a regular basis. 

5. Surface Areas 

All surface areas should be disinfected to prevent the spread of germs. This includes doorknobs and table surfaces. You should also have the cleaning service wipe away any fingerprints and smudges on windows, doors and walls. Finally, make sure to clean and polish the mirrors so that that every surface is visible clean.  

Office cleaning is an essential task that can lead to happier employees and customers that are impressed with the look of your business. If you are paying for an office cleaning service, you should make sure that these tasks are performed regularly in order to keep your business in top shape.  

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