Why Your Church Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

Like any other facility, your church needs regular cleaning in order to keep your place of worship in top shape. Many churches assume that they can simply use volunteers for cleaning and pay cash to workers that will perform regular maintenance. However, this practice is risky and should be avoided at all costs. Here is why you should hire a professional cleaning company to clean your church instead. 


Workers’ Compensation Insurance Is Mandatory 


Every church needs to hire a cleaning company that has workers’ compensation insurance. A workers’ compensation insurance policy is required by law for any company that offers cleaning services. If you hire a company that does not have this insurance, the company is actually in violation of the law by providing cleaning services to your church. The owners of the company could be fined or even jailed for working without the proper insurance.   

In addition, a workers’ compensation insurance policy protects your church against liability if a worker is injured on church property. In many cases, workers choose to sue the facility for medical costs if they are unable to recover any damages from the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy. Don’t put your church at risk of being sued by a company that does not have adequate coverage. 

Regular Cleanings Keep Members and Visitors Happy 

Church facilities are often used up to 7 days per week. With people coming in and out each day, dust and dirt can easily build up. If you want to keep your church in good condition so that your members and visitors feel at home, you need a regular cleaning regime.   

By hiring a cleaning service, you can ensure that all routine maintenance tasks are performed, including floor cleaning, window washing, carpet cleaning, restroom sanitization and more. If your church has day care facilities, these rooms also need to be sanitized in order to reduce the spread of germs to protect the congregation and visitors.  

Choose a Cleaning Staff You Can Trust  

As an important fixture of the community, your church needs to be carefully maintained and you should only hire people who you can trust to clean it. When you a hire a professional cleaning service, you can rest assured that the cleaning staff has undergone background checks and has received proper training so that they can perform the best job possible.  

With Customized Custodial Services, an Account Manager will even meet with you at your church to do a complete walk through to learn more about your cleaning needs. With our services, you can set up cleaning days and times so that regular cleanings are done with minimal disruptions to the church's normal activities. 

If you would like hire a professional cleaning service to assist with regular cleaning for your church, Customized Custodial Services can help. Call today us at (800) 834­-1286 to request your free quote for cleaning services.