5 Challenges of Medical Office Cleaning Services

 A medical office can attract germs and spread disease if not properly cleaned. To maintain the reputation of your medical office, it must be properly cleaned on a daily basis. In order to ensure that the medical office is effectively cleaned and sanitized, a professional medical office cleaning service should be used. However, there are some unique concerns when it comes to cleaning a medical office. Here are five challenges of medical office cleaning service. 

1. Costs 

The costs of cleaning a medical office versus a standard office can be significant. In many cases, the cost to clean a medical office can be up to 50% higher than the cost for cleaning a standard office building. There are specialized cleaning procedures that are necessary in a medical office because areas will need to be consistently disinfected. To control costs, it is important to establish a regular maintenance schedule with a professional medical office cleaning service that includes floor maintenance, basic cleaning and other cleaning requirements. By setting up a schedule that helps to maintain the property, you can reduce the costs of cleaning the facility over the long term. 

2. Obstacles  

It can be difficult to clean a cluttered medical facility. If you want to get effective results from your medical cleaning service, you must get rid of clutter so that a professional cleaning service can work quickly. Having your employees help to keep the medical office free of clutter can significant reduce cleaning times, making the process less time-consuming and costly for your business. 

3. Experience 

Finding a medical cleaning service that has the right experience to clean a medical facility can be a challenge. It is a mistake to think that if a cleaning service offers office cleaning, they are also qualified to clean medical facilities. In fact, qualified medical office cleaning services require their employees to undergo additional training in order to learn how to properly deal with the bio-hazard issues and other concerns. Therefore, you should only hire a hygienic cleaning service that offers ATP testing to ensure that your facility has been sufficiently cleaned. 

4. Cleaning Specifications  

A medical office may contain several different types of spaces including offices, clinical areas, retail space, restaurant spaces, and more. As a result, the varying levels of cleaning that are required for these spaces can make it difficult to determine exactly what your needs are. When you work with a professional cleaning service, make sure that you provide access to the entire facility so that the service can develop cleaning specifications for each type of space. 

5. Contamination  

Proper surface disinfection is an important part of ensuring that your medical facility does not make it easy for germs to spread. In medical facilities, hospital-grade disinfectants should always be used along with special medical office cleaning protocols to help reduce the risk of contamination. The Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System® can provide the protection that your business needs against germs and other pathogens. 

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