Hiring a Regional Cleaning Company Is Better than Hiring National Companies

If you live in a major city, you will probably come across many different options for cleaning companies. However, every cleaning company is not the same. While you may find some national companies offering cleaning services in your area, hiring a regional company is almost always a better option for your business. Here is why hiring a regional cleaning company is better than hiring a national company. 

National Companies Are Franchises 

National cleaning companies that offer cleaning services in your area are typically franchises that operate in your area. As a result, the cleaning company is not likely to have a vested interest in offering the best possible service to your business because of the fact that they can get business no matter what thanks to the reputation of the national brand.  

If you work with a regional cleaning company, it is much more likely that the cleaning company will be owned by a local business owner who is committed to establishing a good reputation with local customers. While national companies can sometimes offer better pricing than regional cleaning companies, there is no guarantee that the services you will receive are as good in your area as they are for the nation company’s other service locations. 

Local Cleaning Services Customize Their Services 

Almost all local cleaning services customize their services to meet the needs of local businesses in your area. A local cleaning service will optimize their services for the cleaning requirement differences that are driven by the local climate and weather. For example, if your area receives more rain than other areas, the local cleaning service may include window washing at a discounted price over a national cleaning service. In contrast, most national cleaning services offer the same services no matter where they are located.  

Better Customer Service  

When you need help, working with a regional cleaning company means that you will likely get help from someone that is local to your area and the response will be faster. When you work with a national company, customer service is usually handled by a location that is not in your area, or worse, has been outsourced to an overseas provider.  

If you have a complaint about the service, working with a national company can also mean that your complaint will be ignored, if the company doesn’t believe that your business is large enough or powerful enough to harm their business with a lawsuit. If you want personalized, prompt service, dealing with a cleaning company that is local will almost always guarantee better customer service. 

While pricing is important when it comes to cleaning services, getting the best deal for your money doesn’t necessarily mean working with a large, national company. In fact, building a relationship with a regional cleaning company can mean better results and a cost-effective solution for your business. 

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