The 5 Best Cleaning Products for the Office

If you want to keep your office looking tidy, there are some basic products that you should have handy so that you can take care of every cleaning, as well as, the occasional messes. Here are the 5 best cleaning products for the office. 


  1. Glass Cleaner 


To keep your business looking in the best shape and to impress your employees and customers, you should make sure that windows and glass doors are always clean. Make sure that you have glass cleaner on hand to help you get rid of the smudges before a big meeting. If you have glass furniture in the office, you should make sure to wipe it down periodically with glass cleaner in order to get rid of any dust or stains that have built up. 


  1. Disinfecting Wipes 


Disinfecting wipes are another essential item that you should always have on hand because they are good for almost anything. You can use disinfecting wipes to clean up spills and wipe down tables after lunch in the break room. They can be used to clean the bathroom and even for cleaning items that are frequently touched, such as computer keyboards, office phones, and doorknobs. With disinfecting wipes, you can help keep germs away and help your employees to stay healthier. 


  1. Air Freshener 


Whether you prefer the type in the aerosol can or air freshener jar, you want your office to smell great and be free of stinky smells that can distract your employees and your customers. While you should make sure to hire a professional cleaning service to eliminate the source of any ongoing bad smells, air fresheners are the perfect remedy for dealing with food and bathroom odors. 


If you don't think that your employees will appreciate strong-smelling floral or citrus scents, there are plenty of air freshener products that are unscented or are designed to neutralize odors instead of simply covering them up. 


  1. Spot Removers 


If you have carpet in the office or fabric upholstery on the furniture, it is always a good idea to keep spot removers on hand. These products can help you to address spills right away before they have the chance to set in. Tough stains like coffee or wine need to be dealt with right away if you want to have the best opportunity to get rid of them. Make sure that you always have spot remover on-hand if you want to avoid an expensive stain removal bill for your office later on! 


  1. Magic Erasers 


Whether you’re faced with grease or grime, Magic Erasers can help you remove those smudges on the walls quickly. Fingerprints and other spots on the walls make your office seem dirtier than it actually is. By wiping up these spots as soon as you spot them, you can dramatically improve the look of your office. 


If you would like hire a professional cleaning service to assist with regular cleaning for your office, Customized Custodial Services can help. Call today us at (800) 834­-1286 or to request your free quote for cleaning services.