10 Cleaning Tips for a Clean Hospice Center


Cleaning can become a big issue for seniors as they get older. This is why hospice care services need the services of a professional cleaning service in order to ensure that all rooms and common areas are properly cleaned. Here are 10 cleaning tips for a clean hospice center. 

Disinfect to Protect Seniors and Their Families  

Seniors in such facilities often have health issues and exposure to dangerous pathogens could greatly increase the effects of these health issues. In addition, medical staff members do not want to put themselves at risk. Making sure to disinfect all patient care, common lounge areas and other areas that patients and guests frequent can ensure that dangerous bacteria doesn't cause problems. 

Vacuum to Reduce Allergens 

Vacuuming with HEPA filter vacuums can ensure that your hospice center is free of allergy-causing particles such as mold spores, dust, and other particles.  

Clean Up Spills 

Cleaning up spills as soon as they occur is the best way to keep patients healthy and avoid accidents. Patient room should also be regularly evaluated in order to check for messes.   

Clean the Floors 

Cleaning the floors will keep your patients and staff from getting injured. In addition, regular maintenance can also ensure that your floors last for years to come. 

Maintain the Exterior  

The exterior of the building is very important for making families and patients feel comfortable. If the exterior of the building is not cleaned, then there is a risk that visitors will believe that the facilities are not clean. Wash down walkways.  

Clean Up Trash 

Litter on your property is not acceptable for a facility that provides such intimate care. Therefore, you should make sure that the property has plenty of garbage cans and that litter is removed regularly.  

Decontaminate Bodily Fluid Spills 

If there are any spills that involve bodily fluids, these areas should be cleaned and decontaminated immediately. Pathogens can spread quickly and it is important to neutralize harmful bacteria before it spreads. 

Clean the Windows 

Making sure that the windows are clean can help patients to feel more relaxed. Windows should be cleaned at least once per season in order to keep your hospice center looking great. 

Use Green Products Where Possible 

Using green products where possible can help to keep toxic chemicals out of your facility. Toxic chemicals in cleaning products can significantly reduce indoor air quality. 

Find a Maintenance Cleaning Service 

By hiring a service to perform regular maintenance cleanings, you can stay on top of cleaning for your hospice center. In addition, you can ensure that your facilities will always be up to standards. 

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