This is the Biggest worry for any Property Manager


As the manager of a property, you are likely always looking for ways to cut costs. Reducing costs not only helps to improve your budget, it can also mean better returns for the property owners. Here is how bundling facilities maintenance service can help to lower costs.


Maintaining the Exterior of the Property


Maintaining the exterior of the property is important for reducing costs as walkways need to be properly cared for in order to keep residents safe. Investing in regular power washings for the exterior of the property can prevent residents from becoming injured. It will also help to lower costs because the services are being performed on a regular schedule.




If you’ve recently had renovation work done on your property and clean up is required, hiring a professional cleanup service can help you get the property in order quickly. The contractor service that performed the renovation work is likely to charge significantly for cleanup or may not include the cleanup services in their contract. Therefore, you should hire a professional cleaning service to assist you. At Customized Cleaning Services, we regularly perform cleanups after renovation jobs that includes the removal of dust and debris.


Focus on Floor Care


Floor care is especially important when it comes to property management. Floors often have to be replaced when they are not properly cared for. The costs of these repairs can be in the thousands. If you want to ensure that your floors last for many years, you should have a cleaning service take care of your floors. We can perform floor polishing, refinishing, stripping and waxing in order to extend the life of your floors. If there is carpet on your property, carpet cleaning services are needed so that you can deep clean carpets to remove stains, dust, mold and other allergens. Floor care services can be bundled with other maintenance tasks with a professional cleaning service for a regular cleaning and maintenance package.


Using Your Own Cleaning Service Can Lower Fees


As an outside company or individual that handles the property management for a property, you will often be responsible for paying the vendors that your property selects. If you have the ability to choose your own vendors, including your cleaning services, it is likely that you can get better pricing which can lower the overall costs of managing the property.


Select the Cleaning Service That Provides the Most Value


When it comes to property maintenance, you don't want to use the services that offer the lowest price. What you want is the service that provides the most value. Our cleaning services are comprehensive and include deep cleaning options so that you can get reliable services that will keep residents happy. In addition, a reliable cleaning service can help to maintain the general condition of the property so that you won't have to make unnecessary repairs later on due to poor cleaning maintenance.


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