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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has established clean room standards that are required in order to operate certain types of facilities. As a manufacturer, if certain spaces must be utilized for the prevention of contaminants, then these spaces must be cleaned in order to meet the standards set by the FDA. For healthcare facilities, the CDC has specific guidelines for maintaining the cleanliness of the facility. Here are some of the requirements that the FDA and CDC make and recommendations.


CDC Guidelines


The CDC maintains clear guidelines on the rules that health facilities must follow in order to be considered up to standards. These rules are outlined online at and are designed reduce occupational exposure. There are also specific guidelines on the management of patient devices. When it comes to facility care, the CDC recommends that environmental surfaces be cleaned frequently, including walls, windows, floors and other surfaces. Spills should always be decontaminated and removed immediately.


Air Filtration and Monitoring


To guarantee maximum compliance with FDA clean room standards, a monitoring system should be put in place in order to control the levels of air pressure, dust, temperature, humidity and microorganisms. An air filtration system should also be created in order to maintain clean air levels. Regular cleanings that occur at least daily can help to improve air quality levels by eliminating pathogens.


Use of Chemicals


The FDA must approve of the chemicals that are used to clean your facility. This is because certain chemicals can put the health of patients at risk by not adequately removing bacteria and other pathogens. In addition, certain chemicals have been banned by the FDA for use in commercial cleaning because of the health risks that they pose. Your cleaning service should advise you on the right products to use, as well as, offer green cleaning options whenever possible.


Additional Information on Cleaning Requirements


More can be found about the clean regulations required by the FDA by visiting the FDA website at The website is updated regularly to provide the latest information. Always check with any cleaning service that you plan to hire to ensure that they can indeed meet the latest regulations.


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Customized Cleaning Services can help you to meet the stringent regulations set for by the FDA and CDC. We can ensure that our cleaning services will be performed to the highest standards with scientific testing to prove our performance.


Making sure that your medical center is routinely cleaned is not only important for staying up to date with current government regulations, it is also important for the health of your patients. Germs can spread quickly in an enclosed facility, especially if there is regular exposure. As a result you need superior cleaning services to ensure that your facility is healthy and germ-free for your patients.


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