CCS Cleaning System with ATP Testing

Harmful germs, bacteria and viruses lurk on common surfaces waiting for a free ride to your face, coworkers’ hands, lunchroom tables, mobile phone, and computer keyboard – and then quickly spread across your facility.

An ATP meter is a scientific tool that is often used in restaurants, schools and hospitals to prove germ removal. It is the same tool that is used by CCS to prove the effectiveness of our cleaning program.

An ATP meter measures Adenosine Tri-Phosphate, which is a kind of pollution that is left behind by living cells. The higher the ATP count, the dirtier the surface. The lower the count, the better.

When a trained CCS Professional comes to your facility to perform a ATP Scan, he or she will use an ATP meter to demonstrate the effectiveness of our cleaning program. This type of meter is often used in restaurants, schools and hospitals before and after cleaning to prove germ removal. Every time you touch a surface you can transmit a disease-causing organism left by someone else.

Our FREE ATP Scan will show you exactly how effective the Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System® Program will be in your environment.

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